About Us

We are a large silkscreen supply company that supplies the high end products for the silkscreen industry. We offer very low competitive prices and many different combination packages to suit every print shop needs. From our research and comparison we believe our high end products will help your shop to save more money in the long run. Many people and companies choose to use our products, because our products are absolutely the best found in the current market. We also manufacture some products in North America to fit customer needs such as different length and sizes as per customer request. More and more people are demand on our products because our products are finished with high quality materials and also it is performance very well with different print shops, customers always return to order more after they had tried our products. Our products are definitely the ones to deliver the best performance. We are 100% confidence in promoting and selling our product in the North America.

Our all purpose polyurethane squeegee blades with best combined resistance to chemicals and abrasion. It was developed to all applications in screen printing and it has a long lasting in most screen printing environments. Our squeegee blades are manufactured with a centrifugation process to avoid bubbles and craters in the material to bring optimal homogeneity to the compound, even at the core of the material and after grinding. It is exclusive computer controlled casting process guarantees batch to batch consistency. We manufacture silkscreen with different mesh count, different size frames to fit customer needs and we also manufacture inkjet film in sheets and rolls for the Epson printers to output film positive with dye base ink.


Our Main Products:

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Squeegee Holder

Heat Transfer

InkJet Film

Silkscreen Frame completed Mesh

Squeegee Blade

We have a sales office in Blaine, Washington, United States for the North American Market. 


Thank you for shopping with us and choose to use our products for your kitchen needs.

*** Due to our website are selling to worldwide customers, therefore we need to offer all our products in Us dollar. We are working hard to keep our prices always the same on our website as long as we can to offer the best price to our customers. ***

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